We put together all stages and processes with facade construction, starting with preliminary technical solutions to a creation of a complete technical documentation or preliminary financial projections to a complete budget. We also deal with supply order process control, supervising, monitoring and permanent control of production process including delivery process and installing final products. Our multidisciplinary team of experts is comprised of mechanical and civil engineers, architects, economists and lawyers. We make top quality products easily accessible all around the world. We are proud of what we do and your complete satisfaction is our greatest pleasure.

If Global One net becomes most eligible partner on global market of facades, doors and windows, than we can rightfully call ourselves winners!

Every window, every door or facade, but also every side view and every screw are equally important to us. Always and for each and every building of yours. We, the Global One, are obsessed with quality, both of our products and our services.

We approach technique and supervision in a quite different way. What we try to achieve is doing our best to make you happy and satisfied through high quality implementation of your project. We are happy to listen to your wishes, and give our communication a whole new dimension. Finding best technical solutions is imperative for us as well as your satisfaction with our implemented solutions. All these are our ultimate goal. For that purpose we engage all of our resources: valuable experience, knowledge and competence embeded into a team of young and creative people who do not know for limits. Even more!

World moves faster in construction work industry and the pace of change is evolving in general. Economy becomes hard, tight and more competitive. Market demands prompt and creative responses. Global One is constantly searching for these. We work diligently and with devotion in order to make our knowledge and experience accessible to all of you who are building and constructing or at least planning to do so in the future. We put the international partner network at your service. Starting from an idea to implementation, through links and consulting, we are searching for best solutions that will bring you safety with your planning, expenditures and exploitation of your buildings.

Global One is an ideal connection between investors, architect and planner on one side and contractors on the other side. We are more than willing to share our knowledge and experience with you!

Nowadays when technology constantly and unstoppably raises the level of the quality of products, giving answers to all of the once unsolvable technical issues, it becomes a greater challenge to show complex and sophisticated technical solutions.

Facing this problem in everyday work we tried to come up with a powerful tool in order to present to you, in a simple manner, all the advantages of technical solutions and quality of our products. For that purpose within the Global One we have established CGI department (Computer Graphic Image). Final product of the CGI represents a unique symbiosis of engineering and graphic design. It actually introduces transformation of complex and advanced engineering solutions into 3D image, easily understandable to everyone.

We honestly hope that we shall succeed in our effort and get your positive feedback!